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COVID-19 Update #3 – Tax Return Update

March 21, 2020

As promised to keep you informed and current on tax matters, we are putting out another update with good news today. It is important to stay current of all the changes to our financial landscape and to understand how specific events may affect us.

Yesterday, in addition to the 90-day extension to pay 2019 personal and business income tax liabilities, the IRS has now extended the filing deadline to match the payment extension. You now have until 7/15/2020 to file and pay individual and/or business 2019 tax returns and liabilities. This extension of time to pay also includes estimated tax payments for the tax year 2020 due on April 15, 2020.

The IRS and Oregon are advising individuals expecting a refund to go ahead and get their return filed so the refunds can be issued.

Refunds are still being processed under normal time frame expectations and they do not expect to delay issuing refunds.


The State of Oregon has not yet announced that they will mirror the IRS and its new deadlines. We expect they will but until that occurs remember that the filing deadline is still 4/15/2020 and in order to file an Oregon tax return you must file a Federal tax return. When Oregon makes its decision regarding mirroring tax deadlines, payroll reports and even the new CAT tax we will be sending out another update.

Keep in mind that during times of uncertainty there are individuals who will attempt to create and carry off scams to separate you from your money. Someone in our office received a call just yesterday citing the outbreak of coronavirus and the need to make sure that our personal information was secure. They asked for verification of social security numbers and dates of birth. Scammers will be attempting to get your information during this time of crisis. Remember, no one from the IRS or any other federal or state government office is going to be calling and requesting your personal information in this manner.

Again, we encourage you to consider that in our digital world today we now have several ways to safely send, receive and conduct business virtually. It really is possible to conduct your whole tax process electronically. Call us and we can set you up with a safe direct link to upload any documents we might need. This link can also be used to deliver your return to you to complete the filing process. Documents can also be sent via fax to 541-756-1784. Lastly, you can also get us your tax-related documents by using our locked drop box located on the building by the door next to the front parking lot.

Stay wise and healthy,

Your Merit Team,

Rod, Tiffany, Angie, Teresa, Rebekah and Jessica